How We Work

Your industry, our expertise

“Do you know my industry?” We get that question a lot. Usually we don’t know your industry—and that’s a good thing. We’re experts in running a small business, you’re the expert in your industry. So it’s in collaboration where the magic happens. Plus, getting an outside opinion often leads to overlooked opportunities and breaking free of “the way it’s always been done.” If you’re still unsure whether advising is the right way to go, the only way to know for sure is to try it out. If it’s a fit, great. If not, at least you’ve gotten fresh eyes on your business and have an idea on how to move forward.

Our interests are aligned with yours. We have no other motive than to see you succeed. Because if we do that, we keep you as a client. We work hard to establish goals up front, so we can make incremental progress meeting to meeting. We’ll also help you stay accountable, grow your skills in deficient areas, and stay efficient with our time together.

We’ll make the time

No question, you’re busy. But advising won’t take over your life. We meet every two weeks for 1-2 hours to talk, plan and track progress. This will give you enough time between meetings to implement changes, but not so much to allow procrastination. It also allows us to make adjustments as we go. Some topics will take longer (because they don’t come easy to you or the business), others will go faster. The goal here is to make incremental progress at every meeting so change is never overwhelming. But after a year, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Let’s talk pricing

We operate on a low-touch, high-impact model. Meaning, we use our bi-weekly meetings efficiently, and set achievable goals between meetings so we’re always making progress. That keeps our hourly rate fair, and your bottom line happy. A typical client will engage for 3-4 hours a month, for a monthly spend of ~$750-1000. And that can scale up or down based on your business needs.

Other details:

  • Each consultant has a different rate. Rates range from $250-$350/hour
  • We bill (hourly) for the time we work together.
  • Month-to-month commitment. No long term contracts.

Frequently asked questions

You control the agenda, but we’ll always come with suggestions to work on. Typically, we’ll work an agenda similar to a board meeting (e.g. financials, sales, operations review) at least once per month. We’ll also focus on any hot issues that come up, and continue to work on core skills we’ve identified for improvements.

You define success. Usually, it’s a combination of monetary goals (e.g. salary), work-life balance goals, and achieving some personal watermark (e.g. that one competitor you just want to beat).

Relationships ebb and flow. There’ll be times where you need more help, and others where a periodic check in will do. Working through a growth spurt is hard work, but once you’re on the other side, you’ll probably coast for a bit. And when you’re ready for the next one, we’ll be there to help. Ultimately, you’ll likely outgrow us at $20M in revenue. But candidly, we’ll be thrilled to graduate you from our services at that point.

At our initial meeting, we’ll create a roadmap to make sure we both have a plan that aligns with your goals. It’s your starting point and your next steps, all rolled into one. And if ever you feel lost or confused on what to focus on next, that’s where our expertise comes in. We’ve got your back.

Served, Not Sold

We give clients the confidence and peace of mind in knowing we truly want them to succeed. This goes beyond just saying it, we prove it every day with our actions.

Measurable Success

We make incremental changes every week so it’s never overwhelming. But as we build on successes every month, quarter and year, our clients can look back to see the radical growth they’ve achieved over time.

Core Skills, Refined

We ensure our clients, and fellow advisors, improve on the core skills they’re deficient in—while also refining the strengths they already possess.


We light a fire under our clients to ensure we get to where they need to be. And while asking tough questions or challenging client timelines isn’t always comfortable, it’s always worth it in the end.

Cost & Time Efficient

We offer a low-touch, high-impact model. One that asks for a few hours a week from clients to keep commitments reasonable and fees affordable. All while maximizing efforts to achieve our goals over time.

Lets Connect!

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