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We navigate small business owners through the solitary waters of entrepreneurship. Feeling stuck? We’re your beacon. Our mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs, demystify numbers, and craft bold strategies for growth. Join us to redefine success and steer your business beyond the horizon.

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Let us help you navigate through the complexities of business growth with strategies as unique as your business. Together, we will redefine what success means for you.

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Understanding Your Challenges

Feeling Alone in Decision-Making

In the entrepreneurial journey, hitting a growth ceiling is a common yet daunting challenge. Many small business owners, like you, reach a point where your solo efforts seem to plateau, leaving you feeling isolated and uncertain about the next steps. This isolation is exacerbated by the difficulty in sharing your unique business challenges with employees, friends, or family who may not fully grasp the complexities of your path.

At 100Waters, we recognize these hurdles, especially the phase of ‘business liminality’ – the transition period filled with unknowns as you scale up or shift from a solo operation to a team. For creative business owners, the intricacies of numbers, finances, and strategic planning can be particularly overwhelming. Our services are tailored to help you navigate these challenges, offering the support and expertise needed to turn these obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

Understanding Business Liminality

Our Approach: Empowering Your Business Growth

In the business world, there exists a transitional phase we like to call “business liminality” – a crucial period between stages of growth where many businesses struggle or stagnate. At 100Waters, we excel in guiding you through this challenging yet vital phase. It’s in these moments of transition that our strategic insight becomes your greatest asset.

From the moment you partner with us, we focus on understanding the intricacies of your business. Our process involves deep-diving into your business model, identifying core areas that need nurturing, and setting a roadmap for growth that aligns with your goals. Whether it’s improving operational efficiency, enhancing marketing strategies, or refining financial management, our comprehensive approach covers all bases.

Streamlining Success

Collaborative Meeting Flow

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our meetings are more than just consultations; they are strategy sessions designed to bring out the best in your business. Through a blend of structured planning and open-ended discussions, we ensure that every meeting adds tangible value to your journey. We’ve visualized this process in an interactive graphic on our site, giving you a clear view of what our typical engagement looks like.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially in business. We set incremental goals, ensuring that progress is manageable and consistent. Our bi-weekly sessions are designed to adapt to the evolving needs of your business, allowing us to pivot strategies as needed and ensure that you are always moving forward.

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Take the first step towards breaking through your growth ceiling with 100Waters. Our team is ready to collaborate with you, offering tailored strategies, skill development, and accountability to navigate the unique challenges of your business journey. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back any longer.

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